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H.L.A. Hart Interview: Harvard Visit and Exchange (audio). David Sugarman - Ronald Dworkin

The Nightmare and the Noble DreamIn 1988 H.L.A. Hart gave a wide-ranging interview to Professor David Sugarman. The interview encompassed Hart's childhood, philosophical influences, career inside and beyond philosophy, his major philosophical work, his arguments with Lon Fuller, Patrick Devlin, and Ronald Dworkin, his views on the nature of legal philosophy and legal education, and his legacy.  

To celebrate the publication of the third edition of Hart's most famous work, The Concept of Law, OUP has remastered and released, by kind permission of Professor Sugarman, the full audio recording of the interview for the first time.  

In the fourth part of the interview Hart discusses his sabbatical year at Harvard University, and experience of American teaching and academia. He touches on the writing of Causation in the Law, and discusses at length his engagement with Lon Fuller, including their exchange in the Harvard Law Review. Other figures discussed include John Dickinson, Herbert Wechsler, Roscoe Pound, Henry Hart, Paul Freund, and Peter Winch. Finally, he discusses his attitude to jurisprudence textbooks, and establishing the Clarendon Law Series.

Part Six: Ronald Dworkin and the Nature of Legal Philosophy
Cover: Taking Rights Seriously in PAPERBACKIn the sixth part of the interview Hart discusses the work of Robert Nozick, and Ronald Dworkin, in particular his disagreement with Dworkin on the nature of legal philosophy. He responds to Dworkin’s ‘semantic sting’ argument, and clarifies his position on the role of evaluation in social theory. He concludes with his assessment of Dworkin as a ‘beautiful writer who got carried away’.
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Source: Oxford University Press.

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Justice Thomas speaks at Harvard Law (video)

Harvard Law School

Justice Clarence Thomas
Justice Clarence Thomas has become known as a quiet presence on the Supreme Court. But on Jan. 29, members of the Harvard Law School community got to hear him speak—and he did so with great humor and warmth.
As part of the Herbert W. Vaughan Lecture series, Thomas participated in a conversation with HLS Dean Martha Minow, after a day in which he met with faculty and students. In introducing Thomas—a graduate of Yale Law School—Minow said that he had turned down his admission to Harvard Law. She noted that he’d found it “too large, and if I’m right, too conservative.” This elicited laughter from the audience filling Milstein East, and a smile from Thomas—both of which recurred many times over the course of the evening.

Transitional Justice Seminar Series: "Transitional Justice Toolkit - Truth Commisions and Catalogues" @Kennedy_School

Kennedy School Logo

The Transitional Justice Program examines the challenges of countries attempting to regain balance and redress legacies of massive human rights violations. It encompasses issues of legitimacy, criminal prosecutions, truth commissions, reparations, and various kinds of institutional reform necessary to protect vulnerable segments of a society and insure stability. Seminars are presented from a practitioner perspective. Foundations seminars consider ideas of transitional justice at the strategy level. Toolkit seminars consider practical case studies and lessons learnt. Seminars draw heavily on examples from transitional justice in Afghanistan.

Transitional Justice Program Fellows:

Michael SempleLuka KuolRupert Elderkin

Michael Semple,

Luka Kuol,

Rupert Elderkin

Series of seminars on Transitional Justice. This session, to be led by Michael Semple, is titled: "Transitional Justice Toolkit - Truth Commisions and Catalogues."

Thursday, February 14, 2013.

Ronald Dworkin and Jeremy Waldron. Hate Speech. Challenges to Multiculturalism.

The three videos below are from a conference, under the titleChallenges to Multiculturalism‘, organized by New York Review of Book Foundation and the Norwegian Foundation Fritt Ord on 25–26 June 2012 in Oslo. 

A Human Rights Hero: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Raoul Wallenberg

The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
A Human Rights Hero: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Raoul Wallenberg. Swedish diplomat who rescued tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during World War II. As Sweden's envoy in Nazi-occupied Budapest, Wallenberg issued thousands of fake Swedish protective passes, thereby preventing the deportation of countless Hungarians to the death camps of Europe. Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviet Union in January 17 1945 and never heard from again. (International Human Rights Day and commemorate Wallenberg's extraordinary life and legacy (Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and Harvard Hillel).
A panel discussion honoring Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg who, through his courageous work in Nazi-occupied Budapest, prevented the deportation of countless Hungarians to the death camps of Europe. Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviet Union in January 17, 1945 and never heard from again. Panelists include Annette Lantos, Rob Leikind, Leon Ratz, and Charlie Clements. This event was on December 10, 2012 at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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Prevention of Human Trafficking in the Russian Federation. Kirill Boychenko

The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
A presentation by Kirill Boychenko, a 2012 Carr Center Fellow working with the Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. This presentation was given at the December 13, 2012 meeting of the Harvard Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Working Group.

The Reach and Limits of Growth: Economic Recession, Development and Human Capability

The institute, with the Program in Poverty, Justice and Human Capabilities in the Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality at Rice University, hosts a discussion with Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, Ph.D., Thomas W. Lamont Professor and professor of economics and philosophy at Harvard University.