Transitional Justice Seminar Series: "Transitional Justice Toolkit - Truth Commisions and Catalogues" @Kennedy_School

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The Transitional Justice Program examines the challenges of countries attempting to regain balance and redress legacies of massive human rights violations. It encompasses issues of legitimacy, criminal prosecutions, truth commissions, reparations, and various kinds of institutional reform necessary to protect vulnerable segments of a society and insure stability. Seminars are presented from a practitioner perspective. Foundations seminars consider ideas of transitional justice at the strategy level. Toolkit seminars consider practical case studies and lessons learnt. Seminars draw heavily on examples from transitional justice in Afghanistan.

Transitional Justice Program Fellows:

Michael SempleLuka KuolRupert Elderkin

Michael Semple,

Luka Kuol,

Rupert Elderkin

Series of seminars on Transitional Justice. This session, to be led by Michael Semple, is titled: "Transitional Justice Toolkit - Truth Commisions and Catalogues."

Thursday, February 14, 2013.