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This plenary examined the forms and consequences of economic inequality today and considered how government and law should work to restore stability and opportunity to the many families who are a paycheck, health crisis, or missed mortgage payment away from ruin. Beyond the extremes of rich and poor, economic stratification has emerged as a defining feature of American life. The economic insecurity facing American households has changed the political conversation and raised the question of the adequacy of our current laws. This panel discussed how government measures in key areas – including tax, labor, health care, welfare, criminal justice and education – can respond to the economic and social challenges faced by those in the middle class and those living at the margins of our society. What kinds of policies are needed to close the economic divide? What specific policies could be enacted at the local, state and national levels to move us toward a more just society?

viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012


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The Annual Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Student Conference
The Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University
April 13-14, 2012

Malika Zeghal on Tunisia
Professor in Contemporary Islamic Thought and Life

Roger Owen on Egypt
Professor of Middle East History

Robert Darnton on the French Revolution
Cultural historian, University Professor and Librarian

Stephen Squibb on the Occupy Movement
Writer, Occupy Boston leader, and Harvard graduate student

Svetlana Boym on the practice of public freedom and Occupy
Writer, theorist, media artist. Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures

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jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Law school deans from around the world discuss globalizing law education. Duncan Kennedy (moderator)

Harvard Law School


Deans representing law schools in China, Brazil, Canada, and France gathered at Harvard Law School  to discuss the pressures facing law schools to reform curricula in response to globalization.

Assistant Dean Chenying Zhang, Tsinghua Law School, China; Dean Joaquim Falcão, FGV Law School, Brazil; HLS Professor Duncan Kennedy (moderator); Dean Christophe Jamin, Sciences Po Law School, France; and Dean Daniel Jutras, McGill University, Faculty of Law, Canada.

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Source: Harvard Law School

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HLS forum examines the impact of globalization on legal education

Harvard Law School

Harvard LawSchool's S.J.D. program celebrated its 100th anniversary the weekend of March 23–25 by hosting a Global Legal Education Forum that drew hundreds of attendees and participants from around the world.

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View Video: "Are Law Schools in Crisis? The New York Times Debate and its Discontents:" Moderator: Heidi Matthews, S.J.D. candidate, Harvard Law School; Bryant Garth,dean, Southwestern Law School; co-editor, Journal of Legal Education; Kyle McEnteeexecutive director, Law School Transparency; Lauren Kay Robel, president, AALS and interim provost and executive vice president, Indiana University Bloomington; and David Segalreporter, New York Times.