H.L.A. Hart Interview: Harvard Visit and Exchange (audio). David Sugarman - Ronald Dworkin

The Nightmare and the Noble DreamIn 1988 H.L.A. Hart gave a wide-ranging interview to Professor David Sugarman. The interview encompassed Hart's childhood, philosophical influences, career inside and beyond philosophy, his major philosophical work, his arguments with Lon Fuller, Patrick Devlin, and Ronald Dworkin, his views on the nature of legal philosophy and legal education, and his legacy.  

To celebrate the publication of the third edition of Hart's most famous work, The Concept of Law, OUP has remastered and released, by kind permission of Professor Sugarman, the full audio recording of the interview for the first time.  

In the fourth part of the interview Hart discusses his sabbatical year at Harvard University, and experience of American teaching and academia. He touches on the writing of Causation in the Law, and discusses at length his engagement with Lon Fuller, including their exchange in the Harvard Law Review. Other figures discussed include John Dickinson, Herbert Wechsler, Roscoe Pound, Henry Hart, Paul Freund, and Peter Winch. Finally, he discusses his attitude to jurisprudence textbooks, and establishing the Clarendon Law Series.

Part Six: Ronald Dworkin and the Nature of Legal Philosophy
Cover: Taking Rights Seriously in PAPERBACKIn the sixth part of the interview Hart discusses the work of Robert Nozick, and Ronald Dworkin, in particular his disagreement with Dworkin on the nature of legal philosophy. He responds to Dworkin’s ‘semantic sting’ argument, and clarifies his position on the role of evaluation in social theory. He concludes with his assessment of Dworkin as a ‘beautiful writer who got carried away’.
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Source: Oxford University Press.