Why Love Matters for Justice: Workshop on Martha Nussbaum's 'Political Emotions'

Martha Nussbaum
Martha Nussbaum has for many years been at the forefront in exploring the nature of the emotions, their place in a flourishing human life, and their practical significance for politics and law. In her book, Political Emotions: Why Love Matters for Justice (Harvard University Press, 2013), she turns her attention to the emotional roots of a liberal political order.

The workshop began with a brief description by Professor Nussbaum of the aims of Political Emotions and was followed by four half-hour presentations on some of the book's key themes - the place of emotions within political liberalism, the nature and political significance of compassion and of its enemies, such as disgust, fear, envy and shame, and the fostering of a morally justifiable patriotism.
  • Introduction and Overview – Martha Nussbaum and John Tasioulas
  • Session 1: Emotions in Political Liberalism – John Tasioulas
  • Session 2: Compassion – Amia Srinivasan
  • Session 3: Enemies of Compassion – George Letsas
  • Session 4: Patriotism – Sarah Fine