The vicissitudes of recognition: the legacy of J-J Rousseau. By Professor Axel Honneth

Here you can listen to the opening keynote lecture of the conference, ‘The vicissitudes of recognition: the legacy of J-J Rousseau’. It was given by Professor Axel Honneth (Institute for Social Research, Frankfurt, and Columbia University), on 19 April 2012 at UCL. Professor Honneth provided an overview of different interpretations of Rousseau’s legacy in the 20th century. He argued that it was the original insight of Rousseau, connecting the seemingly unrelated parts of his work, that human beings are characterized not only by a drive for self-preservation, but also by a need for social esteem and recognition which he called amour propre. Professor Honneth surveyed the different solutions Rousseau offered for the satisfaction of this need, and compared these remedies with those developed by other authors such as Kant and Hegel. Source: