Child Welfare, Race, and Disparity: New Findings, New Opportunities

logo for: Focusing Juvenile Justice on Positive Youth DevelopmentExperts on child welfare policy discuss the gap between Black and White children in the welfare system. They attempt to answer questions that have arisen from efforts to understand this gap:

Does the magnitude of the gap differ in different localities?
Do places that have high disparity rates share other characteristics?

Are factors such as family structure, unemployment, and parental education levels related in any way to disparity rates?

If so, how should what we learn about where disparity is greatest influence public investments designed to promote greater equity for children and families?

Panelists include:
- Fred Wulczyn, Senior Research Fellow, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
- Eric Fenner, Managing Director, Strategic Consulting, Casey Family Programs
- John Mattingly, Senior Fellow, Annie E. Casey Foundation
- Lonnie Snowden, Professor, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

The forum is moderated by Matthew Stagner, Executive Director, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago..